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August 29, 2008

Is Steve Jobs going to be the first Father?

Filed under: Tech — Santhosh @ 9:14 PM

Ever wondered how there aren’t any fathers, gods or lords in hardware?

On the software side we have enough fathers to start a freaking pastoral service – Johnnie Backus (Father of FORTRAN), Dennis Ritchie (Father of C), Bjarne Stroustrup (Father of C++), Tim Berners-Lee (Father of the Web), James Gosling (Father of Java), John G. Kemeny (Father of Microcomputing).
And enough superstars – Bill Gates (DOS, MS, computer crashes), Linus Torvalds, Larry Ellison (Oracle), Marc Andreessen (browsers), Steve Case (online services), Dan Bricklin (spreadsheets)….

Now, where is the Father (or Mother or even an onnu-vitta-chithappa) of the Hard Disk? Who’s the founder of the keyboard? Where’s the King of Monitors? The Queen of the UPS? The princeling of flash memory?

Will posterity bestow Jobs with a title?


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