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August 31, 2008

The media dandanaka and Abhinav

Filed under: Sports — Santhosh @ 11:37 PM

A cool 10.7 out of a 10.9 on his final shot and suddenly we have our first ever individual gold. And a week’s worth of pot gold for our media starved of quakes, elections and Rakhi Sawant videos.

The media tell us that he has single-handedly given hope and inspiration to a billion people who’ve been praying, pining, yearning and aching for him to win. Reportedly, the weather department had even observed a sudden fall in global warming when more than a billion of the world population held their collective breath when he squeezed the trigger.

We also suddenly have the latest New Most Eligible Bachelor v3.8, patch 132. An Olympic gold to add to someone who already is an undergraduate from the US of the A, is the CEO of his own company Abhinav Futuristics, has his own phoreen coach and personal training range worth 8 digits, and whose dad gifted him a five-star hotel for having come first (most get bicycles) in Beijing. Even guys should be queuing up for advice from Rose akka.

It’s been fun watching the media work (with) him. Used to getting half-hourly one hour proclamations from the likes of Sania and Sreesanth, they are suddenly finding themselves banging their heads sore against this reticent fella. While they’d have liked a hairy, open-chested, clenched-fisted hero, they’ve had to settle with a bespectacled kid with a half-smile who looks more like the boy next door preparing for his TNPCEE or CET. While the media are hinting themselves silly to get fiery sound bytes and roars* from the kid, all he’s talked is “Yes I’m happy, it’s yet to sink in, it’s a great feeling, the hard work’s paid off, I’m proud, my parents are happy“. Each such gem mumbled with the sleepy, droopy, innocent, cute face looking down every two minutes to check his wristwatch. And while he looks like all he wants to do is to down his Junior Horlicks and go to sleep, the press are hounding him with references to marriage and Bollywood.

*Yuvi would have talked of serving the country, battlefields, fighting fire with fire, Kapil Dev and Padukone while Yuvi’s dad would have already given press statements about kurukshetras, lions, patriotism and his son not being interested in the prime ministership.

psst: do check his blog out (sponsored as it is)


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