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October 23, 2008

Klue in to Klueless

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We can see the throbbing lines across the pupils of your bloodshot eyes. We can feel your heavy heart pumping faster, the purple veins of your neck standing out. We can sense your nerves being strained to their limits, the pressure and the intensity starting to get to you. The clumps of hair and the chewed finger nails and the slowly fading glow of the cigarette butt, we can see them all. The strewn pieces of cheap paper, scribbled and struck and jumbled – all signs of the helplessness we know you feel. We know because we are in the deepest caverns of your mind and the strongest piths of your veins. We know because we put you to it.

Klueless 4


Something that we observed* was that as popular as Klueless is, the connection with IIM Indore somehow seems to go missing. The blame lies partly with us (‘us’ as in our alumni who conceptualised Klueless) simply because there wasn’t really much indication to show otherwise. The Klueless 3 site for example doesn’t have a single pointer about IIM Indore apart from the iimi-iris connection in the url. Even the support forums have always been hosted on blogspot.
* In exactly 2 months I’ll be using terms like Consumer Insight and Market Research when talking about common sense observations. I do have to remind everyone that me too the M B of the A.

Something that we’ve also been trying to do over the last couple of months (atleast that’s what we’ve been telling everyone whenever a group assignment comes up) is to consolidate all students initiated online media of the insti into one portal – Not even 10% of the planned work on it is done though, given the variety of work and activities we need to work on and the amount of attention each demands (the things I have to say, seriously!).

Anyways, for this year’s edition of Klueless we have tried to bring the erstwhile lone-ranger under the IIM Indore umbrella completely. Every level of Klueless will now have the logo of the insti along with those of the sponsors (searchbar in the case of Yahoo, which of course nobody seems to use) along with links to the IRIS site, part of which Klueless actually is. The support forum has also been hosted on the iimindore360 domain, and would be the case going forward.


Update 1 (07:11 AM)
Klueless 2 (2006): 100,000 hits in a week!

Klueless 3 (2007): 100,000 hits in two days!

Klueless 4 (2008): 150,000 hits in 6 hours!!!


Update 2 (10:20 AM): Ecstatic! Crossed 200,000 hits in just 9 hours!!!


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