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March 1, 2009

Farewell PGP2

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This is the farewell article on behalf of PGP1 that I wrote for the 2nd yrs’ Yearbook.


‘Tis an oft-used line. The one about not knowing what we have until it’s flown. In our case, though, we did. Truly. Which makes it all the more harder to let go of a year of being together. It’s said the beginning is always difficult, and it was especially so for us thanks to jogs at unearthly hours and truly SAD classes. From such physically painful days and the mentally painful ones of Chunauti, through our Summers of 09 days and shared maggi, bikes and movies, with letting the batch decide thrown in somewhere along the way, we’ve all grown close and seen each other grow.

Thanks for being helpful whenever we’ve come to you, and in fact actually going out of your way to do so – so much in fact that at one point some of us had 6 different mentors each :). We just hope you continue to be this large-hearted, unsparing and noble of spirit forever. Especially since some of us will be interning in the same places as you’ll be drawing salaries from (Hint! Hint!).

There are some of you whom we’d like to have known better. And some we shouldn’t have known this well for the sake of our grades. What each one of you has done though, is to leave a mark in our minds and a legacy in our hearts to remember and carry forward. We certainly appreciate your intent and work in trying to improve the system and ensuring we as a batch didn’t make the same mistakes that you may have.

Finally, we do think that the bloody joke’s on us for thinking that you’ll all always be around – for a talk at any time of the day, for that ‘one more‘ game of cricket, for answering our cries of distress by sharing your assignments, and just for plain old worldly gyaan in front of the mess.

We are not saying goodbye to you guys in the real sense of the word, because you aren’t really going anywhere. You’re leaving the most precious part of yourselves here: our memories of you. And you’re taking the most precious part of us with you: your memories of the two years spent in IIM Indore.

Where you go, we mind of
How you be, we know naught;
But, together we shall stay
all thro’ this life we’ve sought.
For ’tis in our Hearts and in our
Dreams that we together swing away!

And so, for you all, two hundred and forty three times over from all of us in Batch 2010 (see, 100% attendance!), ALL THE BEST!

Cheers guys!

Santhosh Kanna,
On behalf of Batch of 2010


  1. Amazing da. Right mixture of humor and senti. Your seniors shoul be able to read this with fondness few years from now.

    Comment by Vivek — March 3, 2009 @ 12:49 AM | Reply

  2. That 100 percent attendance has to be a dig at your Placements team/committee right?. It has to! :p :p

    Comment by amith — March 3, 2009 @ 4:46 AM | Reply

  3. totally sooper po. but update with what each of the digs mean na. we also can know what happens in IIM

    Comment by Sethu — March 4, 2009 @ 1:37 PM | Reply

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