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April 3, 2009

Tweet’s End – Mar 2009

Filed under: Tweet's End — Santhosh @ 11:16 PM
  • just can’t wait to FINish this off… ~ 11:06 PM Mar 30th
  • can’t have enough of the auction packed IPL! ~ 03:01 AM Mar 30th
  • just realized… fin starts with an F ~ 12:16 PM Mar 29th
  • Back to where it all started… Thrilled and pumped at Sachin’s shotmaking but secretly fearing all the time that he may hit himself out. ~ 9:01 AM Mar 29th
  • You DIWE in headfirst & realize you need the KEY found!! The dry humor that Ganesh (comedian Nagesh’s anagram!) puts us thro’ in his exams.. ~ 6:29 PM Mar 27th
  • For nothing is it near the Gemini Fly Over… RT @livemint 25% of H-1B visas to US given by Chennai consulate ~ 6:11 PM Mar 27th
  • Gopinath to contest Lok Sabha polls [] – From budget carrier to budget career? ~ 6:07 PM Mar 27th
  • Mind vs Mattress: the fight between the book and the bed continues… ~ 8:07 AM Mar 27th
  • Ah, there ’tis – All a shining and brand new (not quite, but still!). A few bugs to be corrected. Feedback appreciated. ~ 7:05 PM Mar 23rd
  • The Buck stops here. Steve Fucknor retires [], which in all due respect, he should have done a decade ago. ~ 3:19 PM Mar 23rd
  • [] Dyson, die son! ~ 3:23 AM Mar 21st
  • ’tis a funny world if you make time to learn time management, but don’t get the time to practice it ~ 3:05 AM Mar 21st
  • Amazing session with the Czech ambassador. Made us think, had us in splits, gave us 1-liners… & brought along a couple of Czech females 😀 ~ 7:06 PM Mar 19th
  • Three-lled at neighbour Pallav’s BIG 197 Unicon! Good for you dude! ~ 2:53 AM Mar 17th
  • An all-nighter analyzing KS condoms :p ~ 7:09 AM Mar 12th
  • … is wondering why we don’t have a holiday on ‘holi’day! ~ 3:22 PM Mar 11th
  • It’s like firing pop guns against a tank! C’mon, dibbly dobblies to Sehwag? ~ 3:17 PM Mar 11th
  • I’d take tags and CSS to WYSIWYG any day. One has so much more options to mess up all the pages in a consistent way. ~ 8:35 PM Mar 10th
  • A Monday is such a pathetic way to spend 1/7 th of my life! ~ 2:50 PM Mar 9th
  • Should be a nice feeling to buy out the enemy RT @ibnlive Vijay Mallaya buys Gandhi’s items for $1.8m… ~ 3:19 AM Mar 6th
  • Look who’s talking about the lack of proof [] – “Vatican says evolution is absurd and not at all proven” ~ 9:03 PM Mar 4th
  • Porter should have used Twitter – dont let any1 in, haggle with both givers & takers, ask ICC to remove supersubs, and screw the competition ~ 8:57 PM Mar 4th
  • Why do SA keep calling themselves a young team? Their 12 for this match have collectively played 688 Tests alone. ~ 1:43 AM Mar 2nd

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