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April 22, 2009

The Indian Prime-er League

Filed under: Sports — Santhosh @ 3:40 PM
  • The auction packed Indian Premier League version 2.0 is finally here and I’m soooo looking forward to former chapati shot players wax eloquent about DLF maximums, little obnoxious weeds slapping balls in more ways than one, and watching Lalita Moody’s particularly beautiful nose every 7 minutes.
  • Just one thing though: I’m not sure of the leaguel implications of the Indian bit of it.
  • You first drill a hole in the bottle, poke in a straw and slurp a bit off. Then, you pop the bottle open amidst much fanfare and declare the bottle to be henceforth opened. This is how the first day felt like.
  • Anyone who’s out there in SA, can you please tell me why so many players have taken to wearing white lipstick? For some reason they call it zinc, but don’t you be fooled.
  • Oh, and while you’re at it, please throw a shoe at Modi no? Steel-rimmed hunter boots would be especially ideal, but even a Hawaii chappal would do nicely though. I’m not the choosy type.
  • “… hereby declare the IPL open” – as Amit Verma would say, immense WTFness comes.
  • Fried Flintoff tastes especially good with Nayar kadai chai.
  • Golden oldies, olden goldies, hold-on baldies… Enough rhymes I say!
  • I personally think the Indian Promotions League is a brilliant idea; to have a 3.5 hour dedicated window for advertisements: truly groundbreaking. They even show some of their actors chilling out with wooden sticks, leather spheres and pom-pom girls. I think it’s some sort of a warm-up they do for their acting.
  • I think the IPL best resembles good ol’ WWF – the garish costumes, tawdry trophy, hyperboles, superlative speak, and a McMahon like Modi.
  • Looks like Bhajji’s been doing a lot of thinking of late. Or not. – “I don’t think they think I think about my game” “I don’t think I am very happy with the mid-innings break”, “I don’t think I shave my legs”…
  • And heard the news about the prisoners in Kolkata’s Alipore Central Jail going on hunger strike? Tch, tch, the food should be even worse than my college’s.
  • More than anything else about this IPL, I just love this guy. For those who aren’t aware of him, he’s supposedly a member of KKR and does seem to know quite a bit of the inside scoop. Watch out for his wicked nicknames.
  • You know why McCullum was made captain? SRK called him in for a Knight Cap(tain)

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