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March 30, 2010

Section D, Class of 2010

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First of all, we’re Section D. And, doooode, essentially, that means we’re the best section. Yes, no questions about it. See, even TSV has no questions on this. Oh, and our Guruji has something to add here. Uh, who woke Kanodia? NO, Avinash, we don’t want to know what SEBI and UNESCO think of this. No, really! Ah, Nithin’s absent again, I see! And Kamal, why do you always have a Sprite bottle on you? Umm, Vishnu, the Cuckoo…? Nimmu’s engaged? Again? Yes, Rama, Good Morning and how are you all today?
We first saw each other, together, for the first time in Nutty’s session on case analysis all those months ago, the people we’d spend a major part of our time here with, and some of who’ll be a part of our lives forever. How eerily predictive that session turned out to be! Those who were late to class that day were always late. Those who talked excitedly about the globe being globular continue with the same excitement. Those who hadn’t read the case, well, we sure converted a few more.
Some of us felt we were hard done in terms of faculty allocation (the rest of us would truly have trouble even identifying them from a lineup), but all our memorable moments in class have been an extension of who was standing there in front of us. We’ve had them all. We’ve run through them all. The one who could pull in Freud, Sachin, Games People Play and OB into the same discussion and who actually made us read HR books. The one who ran old email forwards by us. The one who was our friend, guide and philosopher. The one we’ll think of every time we look at our Seagate hard disks and wonder if they’ll crash. Heck, we even had one whom we had to brave our interest in finance through. And no, I’ll not mention the one who resembles a banned comic character. Er, by name I mean. But, like I said, I won’t mention that one.
We had our first official party on Aug 23rd (which each of us would remember for different reasons :P), but it actually was one hell of a huge party through the entire first year. The reason for that first party was also that we had the highest number of elected SAC members. Given the responsibility, competence, trustworthiness, skill and patience required of an office bearer of Planet I (yeah, truly!), if that’s what everybody on our batch thinks of us, well, we humbly concur.
The general enthusiasm and fun we shared was best illustrated in how all of us worked for the amazing Talent Night show we put up. We had the most number of toppers too, even if wasn’t necessarily a great thing, because, thanks to them, the rest of us suffered in relative grading (grumble grumble!). We also swept away everything on sight on our Sports Day, which comes as no surprise, especially considering how fast some of us zoomed out of quizzes.
Experience is a function of what we do and who we do it with. We have all played a part in each others’ life over the last two years, over classes, parties, elections, assignments, projects, submissions, deadlines, extensions, seating, good profs, not so good profs, desperate CP, challenge CP, seminars, presentations, attendance, placement talks, gyaan sessions, quizzes, and exams. We’ve needed each other, each of us. Together we have come thus far, and here’s hoping for much more! Cheers SECTION D!!
~For the Yearbook 2010

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