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March 31, 2010

IIM Indore, Class of 2010

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Strange how, when we think back on these two years from the perspective of all that’s happened, it seems like an eternity. Yet, when we look back and remember everything so clearly, everything so recent, everything so close we could stretch out and touch them, it all seems like it really is not that long ago. When we first came, we were hesitant, we weren’t sure of what we were getting into; we weren’t even sure about what we wanted.
It’s said the beginning is always difficult, and it was especially so for us thanks to jogs at unearthly hours and truly SAD classes. From such physically painful days and the mentally painful ones of Chunauti, MAC classes and our first microeconomics quiz (remember? remember!), over the last two years, we’ve all come a long way. From the wide-eyed Tonty-somethings that we were, we can now fit the world into a 2×2 matrix. We can now walk up to any company and confidently announce in our best Savlon-voice that we can “strategically realign their organization to external exigencies using a process driven approach and scalable, replicable models that offer long-term sustainability.”
We’ve shared movies, maggi, bikes, cabs, rooms, notes, assignments, wake-up calls, proxies, doodles, after-dinner walks, suits, seats, fights, secrets, time, fun, and love. We’ve scrambled to class with a minute to go, yakked away for hours in the mess corridor, loafed around TI, swapped chapters on exam nights, and let the batch decide. Over our two years together, we’ve all grown close and helped each other grow. There will be some whom we’d like to have known better. And some we shouldn’t have known this well for the sake of our grades. What each one of us has done though, is to leave a mark in each others’ minds and hearts.
As the answers to “Why MBA” show, the reasons we came to the hillock were various: from the refreshingly truthful “Money” to the very honourable “to impress girls” (I’m still figuring this one out though); from the truly global “in-depth understanding of the market dynamics and to broaden my horizons for a long-term global perspective” to the very philosophical “Because I managed to crack CAT”. Some of us managed to switch careers, got the profiles and jobs we really believe in; some of us are walking out with dollar signs as eye-balls; some of us did wonderful community service, others served the community as office bearers; some of us found love; some found ourselves. Over time, hopefully, we would look back and realize that we managed to get exactly what we came for. Except the part about the girls, that is!
Finally, now, the bloody joke’s on us for thinking that all this will always be around. Yes, we’ve all hated waking up for 08:45 classes, getting memos from the PGP office and having to sit up all night for projects. Yes, we’ve all whined about the 100% attendance rules, the sex-ratio, the internet speed and our mess food – yes, OUR mess food. However, right now, each of us would gladly take all these for a chance to re-live our two years here. Now. Now when we look back at the mental portraits of all those friends, all those hangouts, all those small incidents that make up life, all those (mis)adventures, all those special people – all so fresh in the eye it seems strange that we have to move on.
We are not saying goodbye to each other in the real sense of the word, because we aren’t really going anywhere. We’re leaving the most precious part of ourselves here: our memories in these walls on the hillock. And we’re taking the most precious part of us with us: our memories of the two years spent in IIM Indore.
Where we go, we mind of
How we be, we know naught;
But, together we shall stay
all thro’ this life we’ve sought.
For ’tis in our Hearts and in our
Dreams that we together swing away!
And so, to each other, two hundred and thirty eight times over (see, 100% attendance!), HERE’S TO THE CLASS OF 2010!
Santhosh Kanna,
Class of 2010
~ Editorial for the Yearbook 2010

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