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July 30, 2012

Book Review: Urban Shots: Crossroads – Ahmed Faiyaz

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Book: Urban Shots: Crossroads
Editor: Ahmed Faiyaz
Genre: Fiction –> Short Stories

First things first. Short stories, these definitely are not. These are more like Slices of Life blog posts.

With all the talk about blue ocean strategies, it is nice to see Grey Oak actually go out and create a market by sourcing popular bloggers. Grey Oak should, however, have pushed the authors out of their comfort zones by better editorial control and ensuring that the authors come up with content that is in line with the genre, intention and theme of the book. Instead, what we’re left with is a set of random shots at short story writing that would fit as well, or as badly, into any of the other books in the Urban Shots series. The style is heavily cinema inspired and immaturely believes that heavy descriptions and an incessant use of adjectives somehow translates to a better, more poignant read.

Some of the authors are actually very good, as is obvious from their blogs, some of which I already follow. Some parts and passages are particularly thoughtful and touching too. But, like I said, the whole exercise feels more like a quick-fix solution for content rather than a sourcing start-point of budding authors.

Scroll down to the story “Hako” under “Excerpts from Urban Shots” in the following link and let me know if you weren’t also left with a sense of “What was that all about?” at the end of it.

My Rating: 2/5

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