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February 24, 2013

Book Review: Icons of England – Bill Bryson

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Book: Icons of England
Editor: Bill Bryson
Genre: Non-Fiction, Anthology

94 pieces about the woods, the downs, the heaths, the marrows, the crags, the moors, the orchards, the cider farms, the brecklands, the grasslands, and the marshlands; evensongs, stand-alone trees, hares, protean shapes, cherries, summer fĂȘtes; village spires, stiles, pub signs, churchyards, red postboxes, arboretums, and monuments; holloways, hedgerows, drystone walls, estuaries, broads, water meadows, cattle grids, sheepfolds, English country houses, and milestones; Nimbys, ploughmen, family butchers, local stores, family historians, rural friendliness, and the village cricket.

Gave a more vivid outline to images of the English countryside given base by literature and popular culture. A touch overboard with the waxing lyrical bit though, which is bound to happen when writing about such things; would be better enjoyed by anglophiles and those who’ve previously experienced something of the English countryside.

My Rating: 3/5


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