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March 4, 2009

The Web of Wordly wisdom

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First, you court her for some time and she even leads you to believe you have a nice little setup (wink, wink) going.

Then, just when you try to, ahem, make use of the relationship, SHE pops the question (yeah, she doesn’t even wait to see if you would).

You obviously opt to take the road always taken and try to Cancel, leaving it for another day. But she’s having none of it and keeps popping it every time you go near. The poverty-stricken fellow that you are, you can’t buy her something nice. And the insensitive male that you are, you don’t even ask her what it’s all about.

However, all is not lost. You can still get to her by saying you didn’t fly and have kept it fully closed and locked 😉

and live happily ever after.

But what you do is try and show off the irresistibility of the irresistible you and say, “Yeah, honey, a couple. Sorry. These kingfisher girls you know….”

and end up spending time on asking her to move out a bit, cleaning up the registry and the kitchen, inviting her back in and choosing celibacy over the past year when the question’s popped again.

Sigh! Girls are so not understanding at all!


August 23, 2008

B’day.. Me.. Today.. and Everyday

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Another day, another layer, another ring, another border.

June 18, 2008

Free as can bee!

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I’m free. Yeah, really. As free as the masala mixmaker that comes with Maggi. As free as that Salman guy is from shirts. As free as the kothamalli that Mummy gets from the veggiewalla. As free as the pirated e-version of ‘Tipping Point’ that I’m reading right now. As free as the oil that Bush and co would like from Iraq. As free of good looking girls as my college was (and is!). As free as the non-striker is when Ganguly’s batting. Well, no, not thaat free, but yeah I do have some time on my hands. At least for this week. So, if anyone has any interesting tags or memes, pass ’em on here. I’m game. And Curious, NO, not that smells and flavours thing again please!

ps : Apologies to all Dada fans out there, which includes myself. I’ve exaggerated. The non-striker is not really that free – he does need to run all the way till mid-pitch before running back.

May 27, 2008

Catching up with A.R.Rahman

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The week’s being spent with some of ARR’s non-filmi music that I’ve always wanted to get to but never got around to – “Set me Free” (1991), “Deen Isai Maalai” (1990 – as Dileep Kumar), and “Colours” (1992 – as a keyboard player with Kunnakudi Vaidyanathan and Zakir Hussain). Click here for a full list of independent albums by ARR.

The singles I’d wanted to catch up with were “Oh Bosnia” (1996), “Ekam Satyam” (1999 – with Michael Jackson), and “Ek Rahen Ek Nazaria” (2002 – lyrics by APJ Abdul Kalam). There’s also this single that he composed for Vanessa Mae’s Choreography – “Raga’s Dance” in 2004 – it’s been on infinite loop for 3 days now. It’s a must hear :

Also listening to background scores he’s composed and the download count stands at 40 films right now. The BGM tracks are almost as good as the songs, if not better, which is saying something when you’re talking about such works as Kannathil Muthamittal, Duet and Iruvar. A few more BGMs and I’ll be done with the entire ARR Discography. Let me know if someone needs any of these (pirated of course).

March 14, 2008

I’ve done a lot of strange things in my life…

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But today I locked myself out.

February 28, 2008

IIM Indore – GD & PI

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February 3, 2008

Two years of living alone away from home have taught me that :

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  • dishes don’t wash themselves.
  • the minnaladikkum vennmai doesn’t clean the collars.
  • dust forms even if all the doors and windows are sealed shut.
  • bed-covers get dirty pretty fast. Especially if you take your dinner on it.
  • washing clothes breaks your back.
  • after using the mop, you’ll still have to get down on your knees with a wet cloth.
  • the warm water doesn’t magically appear for you to drink when you’re sick.
  • kitchen sinks and commodes and basins and fans and lights require cleaning.
  • the neighbourhood garbage dump changes location every 2 weeks.
  • there’s nothing to eat when you get hunger pangs at 2am.
  • chairs make a convenient clothes dump.
  • you can run out of water at the oddest of times.
  • the shock is not in the electricity, it’s in the bill.
  • when you leave the coffee mug right next to the bed, it remains just there.

January 8, 2008

And I was wondering why my lappie was slower than usual….

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December 29, 2007

You know you’ve been spending too much time in office when

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… you go to The Forum on a saturday morning and at the entrance, in a sudden moment of panic, search your pockets for your id card.
… you have a wonderful lunch on the said saturday and ask for a fruit bowl in place of the finger bowl.
… you go to a PCO (since your mobile’s gone kaput) and keep hitting a ‘0’ before you dial a local number.
… you see a stray cow on the road, note its sad expression, and remark to your friend, “This one looks like its delivery manager has asked it to quadruple its milk output on one-tenth the earlier allotment of hay and to do it thrice a day including sundays with cuts in the earlier amount of petting.”
… you have nothing to blog about other than crapping about deadlines, and yet write about hitting 0’s and sad buffaloes and expect readers (woohoo, anybody there?) to come back for more.

December 22, 2007

Taut for the Day

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The trouble with having lived a life that’s been every bit complete and filling is that every now and then you seem to want to bookmark your current state and go back and relive those years all over again once more.

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