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April 3, 2009

Tweet’s End – Mar 2009

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  • just can’t wait to FINish this off… ~ 11:06 PM Mar 30th
  • can’t have enough of the auction packed IPL! ~ 03:01 AM Mar 30th
  • just realized… fin starts with an F ~ 12:16 PM Mar 29th
  • Back to where it all started… Thrilled and pumped at Sachin’s shotmaking but secretly fearing all the time that he may hit himself out. ~ 9:01 AM Mar 29th
  • You DIWE in headfirst & realize you need the KEY found!! The dry humor that Ganesh (comedian Nagesh’s anagram!) puts us thro’ in his exams.. ~ 6:29 PM Mar 27th
  • For nothing is it near the Gemini Fly Over… RT @livemint 25% of H-1B visas to US given by Chennai consulate ~ 6:11 PM Mar 27th
  • Gopinath to contest Lok Sabha polls [] – From budget carrier to budget career? ~ 6:07 PM Mar 27th
  • Mind vs Mattress: the fight between the book and the bed continues… ~ 8:07 AM Mar 27th
  • Ah, there ’tis – All a shining and brand new (not quite, but still!). A few bugs to be corrected. Feedback appreciated. ~ 7:05 PM Mar 23rd
  • The Buck stops here. Steve Fucknor retires [], which in all due respect, he should have done a decade ago. ~ 3:19 PM Mar 23rd
  • [] Dyson, die son! ~ 3:23 AM Mar 21st
  • ’tis a funny world if you make time to learn time management, but don’t get the time to practice it ~ 3:05 AM Mar 21st
  • Amazing session with the Czech ambassador. Made us think, had us in splits, gave us 1-liners… & brought along a couple of Czech females 😀 ~ 7:06 PM Mar 19th
  • Three-lled at neighbour Pallav’s BIG 197 Unicon! Good for you dude! ~ 2:53 AM Mar 17th
  • An all-nighter analyzing KS condoms :p ~ 7:09 AM Mar 12th
  • … is wondering why we don’t have a holiday on ‘holi’day! ~ 3:22 PM Mar 11th
  • It’s like firing pop guns against a tank! C’mon, dibbly dobblies to Sehwag? ~ 3:17 PM Mar 11th
  • I’d take tags and CSS to WYSIWYG any day. One has so much more options to mess up all the pages in a consistent way. ~ 8:35 PM Mar 10th
  • A Monday is such a pathetic way to spend 1/7 th of my life! ~ 2:50 PM Mar 9th
  • Should be a nice feeling to buy out the enemy RT @ibnlive Vijay Mallaya buys Gandhi’s items for $1.8m… ~ 3:19 AM Mar 6th
  • Look who’s talking about the lack of proof [] – “Vatican says evolution is absurd and not at all proven” ~ 9:03 PM Mar 4th
  • Porter should have used Twitter – dont let any1 in, haggle with both givers & takers, ask ICC to remove supersubs, and screw the competition ~ 8:57 PM Mar 4th
  • Why do SA keep calling themselves a young team? Their 12 for this match have collectively played 688 Tests alone. ~ 1:43 AM Mar 2nd

March 2, 2009

So tweet of me!

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I think I just discovered the secret to enlightening humanity, regular blog updates, unlimited success and ever lasting peace. Yeah, just like that, all in one one go. I was happily whiling away my time staring with unseeing eyes at slides on Internal Rates of Return and Capital Budgeting, when I had this divine epiphany. You know, the one where everything becomes all shiny and new and you can literally hear the light screaming out of the halo behind your head. And so, to illuminate and educate you junta out there with my insightful thoughts on why exactly I feel we must bring back bell bottoms, I’ll be posting excerpts from my Twitter updates for the month at the end of every month (I may even have special Diwali and Independence Day posts with extra updates).

psst: this is NOT a pathetic attempt at generating a few posts for the year. No, really!

Excerpts from last month – Feb 2009:

  • I am a man more finned against than finning! ~ 3:25 AM Feb 28th
  • I jst hope Soniaji isnt cngratulating hrslf smwhr, blvng tat witout her and her family’s dynasty India wudnt hv slums & by extnsn d SM Oscar. ~ 12:35 AM Feb 26th
  • Wonder how many places in India advertise their own flower that blooms only every 12 yrs! ~ 12:28 AM Feb 26th
  • ARRrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr ~ 8:45 AM Feb 23rd
  • The recession’s so bad my laptop doesn’t know where its next byte is coming from. ~ 6:24 PM Feb 21st
  • Is a-Muslim-woman-wearing-hijab-or-burka = her-husband-is-a-chauvinist-religiousFanatic-and-wifeBeater by default? ~ 2:33 AM Feb 21st
  • The bald truth – Harsha becomes Hairsha (looks all hair & lovely too) – [] [] ~ 7:20 PM Feb 19th
  • How did I not take The Road to El Dorado till today? ~ 2:29 PM Feb 19th
  • …too lazy to punish myself for being lazy ~ 7:53 PM Feb 17th
  • watching The Man from Earth… mindblowingly good… anyone heard of the movie before? or was it just who me came to know of it today? ~ 10:22 PM Feb 14th
  • Something tells me Muthalik is somewhere out there selling pink chaddis himself. ~ 8:15 PM Feb 12th
  • Rowling’s commencement address @ Harvard’s annual Alumni Association Meeting [] one word description – MAGIC :-p ~ 5:18 AM Feb 12th
  • too many questions… too few answers… but if the questions are this fun, who needs the answers anyway ~ 8:16 PM Feb 8th
  • …stuck in space, moving through time, what do we see? ~ 4:53 AM Feb 8th
  • Amazing, isn’t it? We can oppose Public Displays of Affection with Public Displays of Violence!!! ~ 3:05 AM Feb 4th
  • Me and Fin? ~ 742:07 AM Feb 3rd
  • The mind said Roger, the heart said Rafa (purely to extend Sampras’ record for a few more months)… And the heart it turned out to be ~ 7:23 PM Feb 1st

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